• Published: 03 December 2019
  • “PAID MY DUES” by NF - the official music video.
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    MAR 08: Brussels, BE - AB Main Hall - SOLD OUT
    MAR 09: Paris, FR - Elysée Montmarte - SOLD OUT
    MAR 10: Amsterdam, NE - Melkweg - SOLD OUT
    MAR 12: Manchester, UK - O2 Ritz - SOLD OUT
    MAR 13: Bristol, UK - O2 Academy - SOLD OUT
    MAR 14: Leeds, UK - University Stylus - SOLD OUT
    MAR 16: Glasgow, UK - SWG3 - SOLD OUT
    MAR 18: Birmingham, UK - O2 Institute - SOLD OUT
    MAR 19: London, UK - Roundhouse - SOLD OUT
    APR 09: North Little Rock, AR -- Verizon Arena
    APR 10: Tulsa, OK -- Brady Theater
    APR 11: Saint Louis, MO -- Chaifetz Arena
    APR 13: Indianapolis, IN -- Egyptian Room at Old National Centre
    APR 14: Indianapolis, IN -- Egyptian Room at Old National Centre
    APR 16: Milwaukee, WI -- Eagles Ballroom
    APR 17: Chicago, IL - Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom
    APR 18: Buffalo, NY -- Buffalo RiverWorks
    APR 20: New York, NY -- Hammerstein Ballroom - SOLD OUT
    APR 21: Boston, MA -- Agganis Arena
    APR 22: Montreal, QC - MTELUS - SOLD OUT
    APR 24: Toronto, ON - Rebel - SOLD OUT
    APR 26: Baltimore, MD -- MECU Pavilion
    APR 28: Greensboro, NC -- Greensboro Special Events Center
    APR 29: Greenville, SC -- Bon Secours Wellness Arena
    MAY 01: Tampa, FL -- Yuengling Center
    MAY 02: Jacksonville, FL -- Daily's Place
    MAY 03: Atlanta, GA -- Coca-Cola Roxy
    MAY 05: Huntsville, AL -- Von Braun Center Arena
    MAY 07: Cincinnati, OH -- PNC Pavilion at Riverbend Music Center
    MAY 08: Cleveland, OH -- PNC Pavilion
    MAY 10: Park City, KS -- Hartman Arena
    MAY 11: Omaha, NE -- Baxter Arena
    MAY 12: Kansas City, MO -- Starlight Theatre
    MAY 15: Las Vegas, NV -- The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan
    MAY 16: San Francisco, CA -- Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
    MAY 17: Los Angeles, CA -- Greek Theatre
    MAY 18: San Diego, CA -- Park at the Park - Petco Park
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    Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
    Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein
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    Music video by NF performing PAID MY DUES. © 2019 NF Real Music, LLC

Comments • 33 131

  • LukeWWEGamer
    LukeWWEGamer  Il y a 11 minutes

    Am I the only one thinking NF is Eminem’s long lost son?

    • teenie Mclane
      teenie Mclane  Il y a 23 minutes

      Would love to get some more of that blueprint please 😊🔥🔥🔥

      • Nathan Lu
        Nathan Lu  Il y a 23 minutes

        4.7k people have no taste in music

        • justinreinalda
          justinreinalda  Il y a 27 minutes

          Rolling Stone is irrelevant at this point.

          • Heroborn Music
            Heroborn Music  Il y a 36 minutes

            My boy goes so hard I’m so excited for the next album and seeing where his headspace is! If you got a moment hear my song!éo.html Thank you :)

            • Kainan
              Kainan  Il y a 37 minutes

              Anyone else think the tone of the song changed after a week of release? sounds like a higher pitch and slower lyrics...

              • Marilyn Robertson
                Marilyn Robertson  Il y a 40 minutes

                Hay nf i love your songs your so good can you come to qc and rap plz I am 12 yers old and i stand up to you

                • Marilyn Robertson
                  Marilyn Robertson  Il y a 40 minutes

                  I am a boy

                  • Johnathon Shelton
                    Johnathon Shelton  Il y a 42 minutes

                    NF is on fire. By far my favorite artist!

                    • OneIsMajor/Squalidflunky39
                      OneIsMajor/Squalidflunky39  Il y a 53 minutes

                      NF about to have 5 million subscribers!

                      • Shane Farmer
                        Shane Farmer  Il y a 58 minutes

                        This dude be straight killing it!!!!

                        • Имам Турдиев
                          Имам Турдиев  Il y a heure


                          • Penguin
                            Penguin  Il y a heure

                            This is how many people... just stfu

                            • Mistuki Snake
                              Mistuki Snake  Il y a heure

                              Play at 2.x speed to laugh

                              • thibault glousieau-leny
                                thibault glousieau-leny  Il y a heure

                                This is the new Eminem 🤷‍♂️

                                • fisherm2n
                                  fisherm2n  Il y a heure

                                  His talent gets your attention. His message gets mine.

                                  • Mike Tyson
                                    Mike Tyson  Il y a heure

                                    FUCKING FIRE 🔥🔥

                                    • Becky Myers
                                      Becky Myers  Il y a heure

                                      hes fire

                                      • Gabreal Grayson
                                        Gabreal Grayson  Il y a heure

                                        Me asking my dog if it wants to go outside. My dog : 3:10

                                        • tindo shekede
                                          tindo shekede  Il y a heure

                                          I am going to tell my kids that this was Lernado Da Vinci 🐐

                                          • Sub Lukissa
                                            Sub Lukissa  Il y a heure

                                            its awesome bro!

                                            • excalaber one
                                              excalaber one  Il y a heure

                                              Thank you for for the music it helps me with anger issues

                                              • jackreviewsthings
                                                jackreviewsthings  Il y a heure

                                                Only people that love their MOM can like this! 👪 👇 👇i’m gifting my next 56 subs🎁 With Notifications💞

                                                • Cal C
                                                  Cal C  Il y a heure

                                                  WOU WOU WOU

                                                  • Cal C
                                                    Cal C  Il y a heure

                                                    NATE FUCK NATE FUCK NATE FUCK ARE YOU A VIRGIN? HEY A VIRGIN I MEAN INTERVIEW

                                                    • Cal C
                                                      Cal C  Il y a heure


                                                      • Cal C
                                                        Cal C  Il y a heure

                                                        Nate fuck you

                                                        • Enter My Horizons
                                                          Enter My Horizons  Il y a heure

                                                          Critics write shitty articles about him: maybe 1000 people read it a day. He releases a banger: millions of views every single day. Really goes to show who is doing the right thing, has a better opinion, and what everyone actually fucks with

                                                          • Skylar Truefitt
                                                            Skylar Truefitt  Il y a heure

                                                            I’m glad he’s growing he deserves it so much

                                                            • Madi Michelle
                                                              Madi Michelle  Il y a 2 heures

                                                              does the fast part at 2:25 remind anyone of why don’t we’s rap in the fall of jake paul 😂😂

                                                              • Brian Maglott
                                                                Brian Maglott  Il y a 2 heures

                                                                RUT ... " U " Keep pushing bro, you've made it through the hardest part. Rise up out the ash like a Phoenix now and Become the Better " U " .

                                                                • hein Rudman
                                                                  hein Rudman  Il y a 2 heures

                                                                  Oh shit 😲

                                                                  • sparkZ𒁂
                                                                    sparkZ𒁂  Il y a 2 heures

                                                                    Play at 1.25 speed. Your extremely welcome

                                                                    • Churro 916
                                                                      Churro 916  Il y a 2 heures

                                                                      I'm surprised he's never won a Grammy because he is one of the best rappers

                                                                      • Cancer Smoothie
                                                                        Cancer Smoothie  Il y a 2 heures

                                                                        I paid my dues *Time after time*

                                                                        • The ReaL Maggie
                                                                          The ReaL Maggie  Il y a 2 heures

                                                                          When i am at school... in A seance of history Teacher : show to your classmates how you're talented in recitation Me : 1:06

                                                                          • Orlando Relax
                                                                            Orlando Relax  Il y a 2 heures

                                                                            Yeah! WC

                                                                            • Jesus Boi
                                                                              Jesus Boi  Il y a 2 heures

                                                                              Yes just yes

                                                                              • TwinkyDK
                                                                                TwinkyDK  Il y a 3 heures

                                                                                He's not my favorite rapper He's my favorite ARTIST

                                                                                • ShadøWølf 22
                                                                                  ShadøWølf 22  Il y a 3 heures

                                                                                  Dang NF hits hard to the soul :)

                                                                                  • mateja miladinovic
                                                                                    mateja miladinovic  Il y a 3 heures


                                                                                    • publito more
                                                                                      publito more  Il y a 3 heures

                                                                                      This is best song ever much more better then EM

                                                                                      • Kris Ferrell
                                                                                        Kris Ferrell  Il y a 3 heures

                                                                                        if you pause the video when he’s writing “lost” and turn it upside down you see it says “t507”, “5” is the 5th month of the year and “07” is the day and “t” is the day of the week. thursday may 7th, release date for the next album??

                                                                                        • The Guy of all
                                                                                          The Guy of all  Il y a 4 heures


                                                                                          • Jet Casiño
                                                                                            Jet Casiño  Il y a 4 heures

                                                                                            Sick Rapper who never cuss

                                                                                            • Skipping Gems
                                                                                              Skipping Gems  Il y a 4 heures

                                                                                              I love this so much. You are epic, Nate.

                                                                                              • dz power
                                                                                                dz power  Il y a 4 heures


                                                                                                • TARIK SAFVET CIFTCI
                                                                                                  TARIK SAFVET CIFTCI  Il y a 4 heures

                                                                                                  When I saw Nf made a Vedio I stragith away open it

                                                                                                  • Armando Hernandez
                                                                                                    Armando Hernandez  Il y a 4 heures

                                                                                                    Don’t compare him with Eminem he is his own person he is a really talented rapper with his own stuff don’t compare him with any rappe that should win a Grammy award

                                                                                                    • Lovita
                                                                                                      Lovita  Il y a 4 heures

                                                                                                      I still remember the song "Oh Lord" and it was that song that got me more closer to Christ during my edgy highschool years :)

                                                                                                      • Isaac Herrera
                                                                                                        Isaac Herrera  Il y a 4 heures


                                                                                                        • K78.
                                                                                                          K78.  Il y a 4 heures

                                                                                                          OMG I can't believe how amazing this song is!

                                                                                                          • Cody Agan
                                                                                                            Cody Agan  Il y a 4 heures

                                                                                                            nf was cool till he decided to go soy boy bitch

                                                                                                            • FIRE ZARD
                                                                                                              FIRE ZARD  Il y a 5 heures

                                                                                                              NF means Nothing Fake 💯.

                                                                                                              • ZeKe Icy
                                                                                                                ZeKe Icy  Il y a 5 heures

                                                                                                                Patch Notes Swearing has been vaulted Fire has been added

                                                                                                                • Hansen
                                                                                                                  Hansen  Il y a 5 heures

                                                                                                                  Don't know if this is a thing, but is there an association with NF and the balloons with the clown face like Pennywise?

                                                                                                                  • _idkleah_
                                                                                                                    _idkleah_  Il y a 5 heures

                                                                                                                    NF never disappoints

                                                                                                                    • Trisha Shukla
                                                                                                                      Trisha Shukla  Il y a 5 heures

                                                                                                                      NF never fails to stun and amaze me with his awesomely genius rhyming and rapping skills....!!!

                                                                                                                      • Ghost Chaser
                                                                                                                        Ghost Chaser  Il y a 5 heures

                                                                                                                        Wow 7.2M views in just a week! That’s more views than most rappers out there! NF is just killing it! Well hit that like button if he should win a Grammy! 👇🏻

                                                                                                                        • Luisa and my grandson Santana

                                                                                                                          I can’t stop watching this it’s so so so cool

                                                                                                                          • Coyote Des
                                                                                                                            Coyote Des  Il y a 5 heures

                                                                                                                            NF the off brand of Eminem😂