The Weirdest GOOGLE Searches

  • Published: 10 December 2019
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  • Lewis Brown
    Lewis Brown  6 saatler önce

    The the word you had to blur was xxx

    • Nipple Baby007
      Nipple Baby007  6 saatler önce

      Google aliens

      • Sniper Universe
        Sniper Universe  7 saatler önce


        • Toby Muldoon
          Toby Muldoon  9 saatler önce

          blue waffles are a balls disease

          • Xandertheboss1
            Xandertheboss1  12 saatler önce

            Because yum yes

              KILLERSHADOWS MARK  13 saatler önce

              Hmmm saying u didn’t murder someone is what a murderer should say

              • Rocco Del valle
                Rocco Del valle  13 saatler önce

                0:26 then why are you in Australia

                • Sharkwards
                  Sharkwards  13 saatler önce

                  Yh when it dose better know shit will be every where on the floors 6:04

                  • Mandalorian Funko Pops
                    Mandalorian Funko Pops  15 saatler önce

                    Lazarbeam I hate you for making me search blue waffles. I have been scarred.

                    • Chase Caruso
                      Chase Caruso  17 saatler önce

                      Nuts 🥜

                      • Johnny Berumen
                        Johnny Berumen  17 saatler önce

                        But I don’t eat lettuce

                        • ITZ_Blue
                          ITZ_Blue  19 saatler önce

                          Yo lannan wanna come eat a penguin with me I really want to try one now after this

                          • Squat_ Justice
                            Squat_ Justice  21 saatler önce


                            • Debra DeMott
                              Debra DeMott  22 saatler önce

                              CALL THE POLICE HE'S NOT RIGHT HE KILLED HIS GF

                              • Darth Vader
                                Darth Vader  23 saatler önce

                                Everybody have eaten cereal

                                • Brittany Merrell
                                  Brittany Merrell  Gün önce

                                  I used your code

                                  • Brittany Merrell
                                    Brittany Merrell  Gün önce

                                    Can I add you on fortnite please

                                    • Cobax Boi
                                      Cobax Boi  Gün önce

                                      Hey guys Read more

                                      • Yah_ Boi_Brayden
                                        Yah_ Boi_Brayden  Gün önce

                                        I killed her pink sheep I’m not a serial killer

                                        • Simmi Vlogs
                                          Simmi Vlogs  Gün önce

                                          I just realised you’re at 12 million subs. I swear a couple months ago you had like 300k or am I just trippin

                                          • Keegan Evert
                                            Keegan Evert  Gün önce

                                            never look up blue waffles

                                            • Keegan Evert
                                              Keegan Evert  11 saatler önce

                                              practicaly vagina

                                              • Noah Pier
                                                Noah Pier  12 saatler önce

                                                Keegan Evert y what are they??

                                                • Bushy_green_man99
                                                  Bushy_green_man99  Gün önce

                                                  But the real question is where’s Elliot?

                                                  • Pewdiepie Fortnite
                                                    Pewdiepie Fortnite  Gün önce

                                                    It’s a blue dildo

                                                    • Gavin Llewellyn
                                                      Gavin Llewellyn  Gün önce

                                                      Search: jfjf, fjfj, and long johns and go to images!

                                                      • Nicole's Universe
                                                        Nicole's Universe  2 gün önce

                                                        google blow dried cows

                                                        • panda bubbles
                                                          panda bubbles  2 gün önce

                                                          google piggy feet

                                                          • Mark Allen
                                                            Mark Allen  2 gün önce

                                                            I love waffles. Boi

                                                            • F.B.I
                                                              F.B.I  2 gün önce

                                                              Search up Yeet street, it’s an actual place Lol

                                                              • Edwin King
                                                                Edwin King  Gün önce

                                                                Are you fake?

                                                                • bh eclipse
                                                                  bh eclipse  3 gün önce

                                                                  I got a PHD pretty huge dick

                                                                  • l e t t u c e
                                                                    l e t t u c e  3 gün önce

                                                                    The blue waffles thing takes me wayyy back

                                                                    • Tacso
                                                                      Tacso  3 gün önce

                                                                      blue waffle...eww

                                                                      • CONNOR ALLEN
                                                                        CONNOR ALLEN  3 gün önce

                                                                        Btw that was a blueBarry Waffel

                                                                        • LavendarTag4357 !
                                                                          LavendarTag4357 !  3 gün önce

                                                                          Blue waffles is henti

                                                                          • harleycrew
                                                                            harleycrew  4 gün önce

                                                                            Do. Penguins have knees

                                                                            • Red Light
                                                                              Red Light  4 gün önce

                                                                              Lazarbeam: DONT GOOGLE ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO YOUNG ONES Me: Wait... Old people can look it up? Even parents?

                                                                              • Ratatouille Boii
                                                                                Ratatouille Boii  4 gün önce

                                                                                That fine fungi

                                                                                • Sidhant Bahuguna
                                                                                  Sidhant Bahuguna  4 gün önce


                                                                                  • Finn Haines
                                                                                    Finn Haines  4 gün önce

                                                                                    the coconuts are killing people because they are Australian 😉😉

                                                                                    • Mitch
                                                                                      Mitch  4 gün önce

                                                                                      Finn Haines ayy? Got a problem?

                                                                                      • Logan Bayne
                                                                                        Logan Bayne  4 gün önce

                                                                                        While Ilsa’s not on Minecraft remake her pink sheep pen even better and put some pink seep in it!!!!!!

                                                                                        • Tripplejurrassic 11
                                                                                          Tripplejurrassic 11  4 gün önce

                                                                                          Don't google meatspin

                                                                                          • Dr Earnhardt
                                                                                            Dr Earnhardt  5 gün önce

                                                                                            yay, he's bored of fortnite!

                                                                                            • Darkvoyager 8866
                                                                                              Darkvoyager 8866  5 gün önce

                                                                                              I wanna see that blurred out one so bad what is it

                                                                                              • ŁØŚÈR_MÍDNIGHT ČHÅÑ

                                                                                                Do a sac spider

                                                                                                • Cristian Restituyo
                                                                                                  Cristian Restituyo  5 gün önce

                                                                                                  2:29 what is it

                                                                                                  • O.O
                                                                                                    O.O  5 gün önce


                                                                                                    • crisyboi 3534
                                                                                                      crisyboi 3534  5 gün önce

                                                                                                      Lazarbeam searches anyone?

                                                                                                      • AreuMadLol
                                                                                                        AreuMadLol  5 gün önce


                                                                                                        • Toxics s
                                                                                                          Toxics s  5 gün önce

                                                                                                          2:40 what was it

                                                                                                          • WolfHybrid YT
                                                                                                            WolfHybrid YT  6 gün önce

                                                                                                            Wej just saying the website porn below moviestarplanet

                                                                                                            • Mr.AJWorks
                                                                                                              Mr.AJWorks  6 gün önce


                                                                                                              • Little wood Martin
                                                                                                                Little wood Martin  6 gün önce

                                                                                                                Lazar beam should adopt fresh like go through all the legal stuff and legit make fresh his son Like if you agree.

                                                                                                                • Mitchell Lansdown
                                                                                                                  Mitchell Lansdown  6 gün önce

                                                                                                                  Why is there blood on the wall

                                                                                                                  • Nathan Bohonyi
                                                                                                                    Nathan Bohonyi  6 gün önce

                                                                                                                    TRclipsrs say that they are looking at something disgusting yet they still stare at it

                                                                                                                    • Lols f0r lif3
                                                                                                                      Lols f0r lif3  6 gün önce

                                                                                                                      WAIT...he just said he's a connoisseur of lettuce??? I post a picture of lettuce each day on instagram...

                                                                                                                      • CoolCoder404
                                                                                                                        CoolCoder404  6 gün önce

                                                                                                                        6:11 Only Australians

                                                                                                                        • 77 Lord
                                                                                                                          77 Lord  6 gün önce

                                                                                                                          Dude I got bit by that spider lazarbeam EXPOSED

                                                                                                                          • Ivan Jimenez
                                                                                                                            Ivan Jimenez  6 gün önce

                                                                                                                            Google porn

                                                                                                                            • Roofless Doggo
                                                                                                                              Roofless Doggo  6 gün önce

                                                                                                                              Search up red

                                                                                                                              • Zen_Chan Akio Black
                                                                                                                                Zen_Chan Akio Black  6 gün önce

                                                                                                                                2:42 i think it was porn cuz it was the same letter size as corn

                                                                                                                                • Danielle Russell
                                                                                                                                  Danielle Russell  6 gün önce

                                                                                                                                  i wonder if somebody will see this in your search history